7 Places You are Forgetting to Clean in Your Home

Usually, it is easy to see the things that need cleaning in a room. These are common stuff like a pile of laundry, dirty dishes, dirty floors, etc. We tend to clean the obvious and leave the rest to collect dust. Here are 7 places in your home that you forget to clean.

The Closet

When most individuals clean their closets, they just organize it and forget to remove the shoes and vacuum the space. You should also give the walls and baseboards a quick wipe down.

Under the Furniture

Usually, when you look under the furniture, you will be met with a pile of dust and some misplaced items like toys. So consider moving the couch or table and do a quick mop up.

The Vacuum

When you vacuum, you pick up dust and debris, but chances are you forget to clean the device. Regularly empty the vacuum and wipe it out simultaneously.

Doorframes, Baseboards, and Walls

Dust also clings to vertical surfaces and not just horizontal ones. If your walls, doorframes, and baseboards have a textured layout, there’s even bigger chance dust will settle on to them. As such, ensure these areas are regularly cleaned to avoid cases of allergies.

Cleaning Tools

All sponges, mop heads, and scrubbing brushes need to be cleaned and disinfected after every use, but most people tend to overlook this. Cleaning materials can harbor dangerous bacteria and thus the need to keep them clean.

Indoor Plants

Plants harbor dust over time, and it can be easy to overlook them. Simply take a wet microfiber cloth and wipe down the leaves.

Underneath Kitchen Appliances

It also easy to ignore areas underneath and behind your fridge, microwave, dishwasher, etc. These places, just like underneath the furniture harbor dust and even worse, grime and crumbs. Ensure you occasionally move them and give the areas a thorough scrub. If you have a grease trap installed in your kitchen, don’t forget to clean it. You can call greasetrapcolumbus.com they can help you with it.

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